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A woman in a leather jacket puts a blue bike on the ART bus. You Don’t Have to Bike Up That Hill—Take the Bus February 15, 2018- I bike three miles to work four days a week which takes me about 17 minutes (mostly downhill). I commute… ... Read More
Helmet Hair: How to Deal December 19, 2017- This article was originally published on Tin Lizzie Rides Again. I am a low-maintenance hair person. I really don’t want… ... Read More
Bridging the Gender Gap December 14, 2017- Arlington and DC are among the few cities where the number of people biking to work continues to grow, bucking… ... Read More
A line of people on bikes waiting to race, including two women. Exploring the Gender Gap: A Youth Perspective on Women and Cycling October 19, 2017- This blog was adapted from a keynote address given by 15-year-old Samara Cathirell on October 7 to the Youth Bike… ... Read More
W&OD Bike-Beer Tour June 27, 2017- Standing in line at a local grocery store, a Washingtonian Magazine article caught my interest - “25 DC-Area Breweries You… ... Read More