Bike Life Skills: How to Bike to the Metro

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There are times when you need to Metro to wherever it is you are going even if biking is your favorite mode of transportation. See how Metro has made it easy for you to do both.

Arlington has great transit access, but if you live outside the Rosslyn-Ballston and Route One corridors, it can feel just out of reach. Biking to the Metro station is a great option, whether you’re like me and can’t seem to manage a bus schedule or want to limit the amount of time spent in the ice, snow, and cold.

Metro understands biking to the stations is a good option for commuters, so there are multiple bike rack options and styles at most stations in addition to a way to travel with your bike.

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Bicycle Racks

The standard and plentiful. Metro owns and operates 2,400 bike racks, which can be identified using Rackspotter. Remember to use a U-lock and secure the wheels, seat, and remove lights and small objects when locking up your bike outside.

Arlington Metro stations with Bike Racks: All except Arlington Cemetery

Bike Lockers

Some Metro stations have a special type of locker made for bicycles. They look like large beige boxes, with a chirpy blue, “I’m a bicycle locker!” sticker on the side. If you’re a frequent bike-to-Metro rider, these are a great long-term storage option. The boxes unlock with a unique key and are fully covered, which protects your ride from theft and weather. Email WMATA to rent a locker.

Arlington Metro stations with Bike Lockers: Clarendon, Virginia Square, Pentagon City

Capital Bikeshare

If you prefer to keep your bikes locked up at home, then Capital Bikeshare is a great option for you. With docks near every Metro station, an expanding web of neighborhood stations, and a handy mobile app, you can easily pick up a bike near home and ride straight to the Metro station.

Arlington Metro stations with Capital Bikeshare: All except Arlington Cemetery and Pentagon

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Bikes on Metrorail

To continue riding after completing your Metro ride, take your bike with you. Bicycles are permitted in railcars seven days a week with some limitations on the weekdays.

Now that you know some of the options for parking, riding, and traveling with your bike, start planning your route.


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