Analysis of Public Comment on Expansion


Thank you to everyone who provided input on the County’s proposed FY12 Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) station locations in the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor. We received over 300 comments from the public through our online interactive map, public meeting, civic association meetings, and emails. In addition to input in favor of certain stations, we also received helpful input of unfavored stations. With these comments, we’re able to better locate future CaBi stations to better meet demand and neighborhoods’ needs.

We created a chart to analyze the public comment we received from the sources mentioned above. See below for the chart. Due to the volume of responses, we included input for proposed locations that received at least two favorable or unfavorable comments. The bars in blue are County-proposed and those in red are public-proposed. Lightly shaded bars to the left of “0” represent comments for unfavorable locations.

Alternate content for Figure 1: Text-only list of locations and number of likes and dislikes

Figure 1: Station Location Likes and Dislikes (Updated 8-3-2011)

Chart: Station Location Likes and Dislikes

In addition to the comments gathered online and at our meeting, we sent letters about the proposed stations to each civic association in the corridor and received formal letters from the Clarendon-Courthouse Civic Association (CCCA) and North Rosslyn Civic Association (NRCA). CCCA liked stations at Washington & 10th (#16B), Highland and Clarendon  (#17A,B,C), and Washington & Wilson (#20). Additionally, they raised concerns about Adams & 14th (#9), Wilson & Edgewood (#14), and Fillmore & Clarendon (#15). NRCA liked the station at Key & Quinn (#3). This information will be analyzed along with the other input.

Our goal with the FY12 expansion is to have a dense network of stations throughout the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor. With stations roughly every 2 – 3 blocks apart, we will first create a spine from the Rosslyn to Ballston Metrorail stations and then grow outward from the core to connect additional neighborhoods to the network of CaBi stations.

Through our public process, the comment we received will guide a revision of the corridor map of proposed station locations in the following ways:

  1. Where a station locations was liked by the public, we will move forward with it.
  2. Where a station location was generally not liked, we will review it to determine how the public’s concerns can be resolved by tweaking the location. If the concerns cannot be resolved, we will relocate the station elsewhere.
  3. Where the public suggested a well-liked station location, we will consider how it could fit positively into the station network and incorporate those locations that would serve the public and network well. As we received many great suggestions from the public, if we are not able to fund all the locations at this time, we will keep any unfunded locations in mind for future expansion.

Through the input we received, the County will tweak the original corridor map of proposed CaBi stations. For those locations on public property, approvals by the Department of Environmental Services; Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources; and other departments, as needed, will be required. For those locations on private property, approvals by the private property owner(s) and County Board will be required. We will obtain preliminary approvals from the property owners and then create and make public a revised corridor map which should be available by the early fall. Staff will then obtain final approvals from the property owners and have stations installed in the late fall and spring.

To the many who requested CaBi along the Columbia Pike corridor, Shirlington, Westover, Lee Highway, and other parts of the County, we hear you! We want to service your neighborhoods as soon as possible and are working towards obtaining funding and sponsors in order to do so.

Thank you for your interest and input into Capital Bikeshare and helping it become the best service it can be.

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