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Arlington County Bike Parking

photo: bike parking at Clarendon stationWith hundreds of bike racks throughout the County, Arlington aims to make cycling an easy and preferred mode of travel. Being able to park a bicycle quickly, in a well-lit location, and near your destination is key. Arlington requires new office, residential, and retail development to provide sufficient bike parking, shower, and locker facilities with one of the most progressive requirements of its kind.

Do you know of a place in Arlington that needs a bike rack? Help make Arlington even more bike-friendly by letting us know. Request a Bike Rack.


Want to check out a location to see if there is bike parking?  Know where in the County there is a bike rack?  Check out our handy RackSpotter page to find and share bike parking throughout Arlington!



Bicycle Parking at Metro Stations

For information about parking or renting a bike locker at Metro stations in Arlington or anywhere on the Metrorail system, visit Metro'sBikes and Metro page.

Arlington Bicycle Parking Specifications

Bicycle parking specifications for Arlington real estate developers and businesses from

StandBicycle Fixit Stands

Arlington has a number of bicycle repair "Fixit" stands located near Metro Stations that include an air pump for filling up tires and tools for basic repairs and adjustments.  Learn more about Fixit stands!

Bike Security

The Arlington County Police Department can help you register your bicycle or report a theft.  You can even report an abandoned bicycle by calling 703-228-4057.

Registering your bicycle with the Arlington County Police Department is not mandatory, but strongly recommended. A permanent record is maintained of each license issued by license number, serial number of the bicycle, and by name of the owner. There is no cost for registration and a decal is provided to affix to the bicycle. 

U LockOther tips include:

  • Always lock your bike when it is unattended, even if you are only leaving it for a minute. Most stolen bikes are not locked up. Lock up even when in a garage, porch or storage shed and lock the shed and garage doors. Always lock your bike to a solid object and double check to make sure your lock is closed.
  • Use a U-lock. These are stronger and harder to break than cables and chains. The Arlington County Police Department strongly recommends the use of a U-lock. 
  • Choose to lock up in a visible location. Thieves don’t like to operate where they can be seen.
  • Protect your valuable parts and accessories. For bicycles with quick-release wheels, lock both wheels and the frame to a secure structure. Remove easily detached items, such as packs, pumps and lights before leaving a bicycle unattended.

 How to Lock a Bike Using a U-lock

  For more information on how to use a u-lock visit the Kryptonite and Transportation Alternatives websites.

Did You Know?

Adolescents who participate in bicycling more than four times a week are 48% less likely to be overweight as adults.

Menschik, D., et al., 2008


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