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The Bikeometer in Rosslyn is the first in the United States that is not on the West Coast. It provides a highly visible, engaging and fun view of the volume of bike usage on the Custis Trail in Arlington. Ride past the Bikeometer and notice the daily bike count tick off another digit and acknowledge another car-free trip in Arlington County. The information displayed is real time and also includes month and year-to-date data.

Rosslyn Bikeometer Count

Last Updated
12/26/2014 11:45PM
This Year

View the counts for all Arlington bicycle and pedestrian counters here!

Expect to see some big numbers as the year goes on since the Custis trail accommodates around half a million bike trips per year!

The Rosslyn Bikeometer is the first of its kind on the East Coast and sixth in the United States, preceded by versions in Portland, Seattle and California. It highlights Arlington’s extensive bike and pedestrian automated counting program, which includes all the data from multiple counters on trails and bike lanes throughout the County. 

The Bikeometer is a fun feature in Rosslyn, but it’s also an important reminder that biking is a popular choice here in Arlington and an integral component of the transportation solution.

Look for the Rosslyn Bikeometer on the Custis Trail just west of the intersection with Lynn Street.

View the Rosslyn Bikeometer Fact Sheet (PDF, 205 KB) for more details.

Did You Know?

Each U.S. rush-hour auto commuter spends an average of 50 hours a year stuck in traffic.

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