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  • Metro, MWAA reach agreement they say moves Silver Line toward summer opening
    The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority and Metro on Thursday reached an agreement that will allow the Silver Line to move closer to the start of passenger service sometime this summer, officials said.
    Lori Aratani, April 24, 2014, Washington Post
  • Millenials willing to relocate for better transportation options
    Young people want to live in cities that give them a variety of transportation options and make it easy to get around without a car. That’s the key finding from a new survey of more than 700 young adults by the Global Strategy Group.
    Angie Schmitt, April 23, 2014, Streetsblog USA
  • Rowdy passengers pose greater risk to teen drivers than electronics
    Teenagers act their age when they climb into an automobile, and that poses a greater risk than talking on cell phones or text messaging, according to a study released this month by a University of North Carolina research center.
    Ashley Halsey III, April 23, 2014, Washington Post
  • D.C.'s zoning problems were visible decades ago
    No one could have foreseen that DC's zoning could push middle-class residents out of the District and force people to drive even to get milk, right? Actually, planners in 1970 warned of exactly of these dangers.
    Neil Flanagan, April 23, 2014, GGW
  • Montgomery added 100,000 residents; driving didn't increase
    Montgomery County has 100,000 more residents than 10 years ago, but the amount of driving in the county has actually stayed the same, says a new study on how people get around. Meanwhile, more people are walking and biking inside the Beltway, and bus ridership is growing well outside it.
    Dan Reed, April 23, 2014, GGW
  • Assaults on D.C. region's trails reported
    Police departments in the region said they have received reports of assaults on walking trails and at a park as more people are out in the warmer weather.
    Dana Hedgpeth, April 22, 2014, Washington Post
  • Residents want open space in Courthouse Square
    Arlington County surveyed more than 250 residents, workers and visitors to Courthouse Square to assess public opinion of the area’s future.
    Ethan Rothstein, April 22, 2014, ARLnow
  • Arlington allocates $300,000 to clearing snow from bike facilities
    We've been told that Arlington County recently allocated over $300,000 to remove snow from trails in the county. This comes on the heels of NVRPA plowing the W&OD Trail for the first time this winter.
    April 22, 2014, FABB