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  • DC to start planning Benning Road transportation improvements
    The Anacostia Riverwalk Trail connects to Benning Road at 3 places along this stretch. The bridge is the only place to legally cross DC-295/Anacostia Freeway by bike or on foot from Hayes St to Pennsylvania Ave (and Hayes is impossible to get to from Benning Road) making it a critical connection.
    April 16, 2014, WashCycle
  • Capital Bikeshare supplier bought
    Planned expansions of the Capital Bikeshare system may avoid long delays after all. Public Bike System Company, the sole supplier of bicycles and bike docks for D.C.'s bikeshare program, now has a new owner.
    Martin Di Caro, April 16, 2014, WAMU
  • Transit Union, Sierra Club join forces
    The Amalgamated Transit Union and the Sierra Club will announce tomorrow that they are joining forces to highlight the connection between transportation and climate change.
    Tanya Snyder, April 15, 2014, Streetsblog USA
  • Highway fund bankruptcy now projected for August
    The Department of Transportation (DOT) on Tuesday moved up its projected bankruptcy date for the trust fund that is used to pay for road and transit projects, saying it will now run dry by the end of August.
    Keith Laing, April 15, 2014, The Hill
  • Mount Vernon Trail Safety Improvement Project
    The National Park Service has been working on alternatives for a project to improve the Mount Vernon Trail at Theodore Roosevelt Island Parking Lot.
    April 15, 2014, WashCycle
  • Fredericksburg rail-trail project resumes
    The plan was to have the first two phases of the trail open by now, but construction crews couldn’t get much done with the snow and rain that soaked the area at the end of winter.
    Scott Shenk, April 14, 2014,
  • Curb-protected cycletracks are now appearing in DC
    Two new cycletracks will open in DC this spring, on M Street NW and 1st Street NE. Their designs are a step up from previous DC cycletracks, since they each include spots -- though on M, a very brief spot -- where a full concrete curb separates bikes from cars.
    Dan Malouff, April 14, 2014, GGW
  • Big project starting on Mass. Ave. and H Street
    Drivers, bikers and pedestrians who use Massachusetts Avenue and H Street near the Third Street Tunnel are about to experience the first disruptions in a lengthy project that will put a deck over the tunnel and buildings over that.
    Robert Thomson, April 14, 2014, Washington Post