5 Reasons to Bike to the Airport

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You can now take Capital Bikeshare to National! Traveling to the airport just got a whole lot easier.

Reagan National Airport is getting a Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) station! Here are 5 reasons why CaBi might just be the best option for the dreaded trip to the airport.

Biking to the Airport

1. It’s Accessible

Getting to Reagan National Airport by bike has never been easier (or more well-signed!). The Mt. Vernon trail runs parallel to the airport and has a trail entrance that leads to the new station. Follow signs to “Bike Parking” which will lead you to the existing public bike racks and the new Capital Bikeshare station. Once you’ve docked or parked your bike, follow the signs through the parking garage to your terminal.

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2. It’s Convenient

A main source of stress in getting to the airport is figuring out who/what/when/where and how to get there. If you drive, you have to pay to park your car in the garage. Or maybe you flip through that old address book to find someone who might come pick you up on either end, then coordinate the perfect time to meet them. Metro and ride-hailing present their own challenges as well.

With the new CaBi station, you can ride on your own schedule, dock the shared bike like you do on any other CaBi trip, and head towards your gate. Not only is it cheaper, but there is no planning involved, and you will have a bike waiting for you once you come back home.

3. It’s Faster

You no longer need to calculate how much time you’ll spend in traffic. Gone are the fears of worrying whether or not the Metro will be delayed. Say goodbye to strategizing about when to call your ride-hail service. With CaBi, you take charge of your own timing. Log in to your app, grab your CaBi bike, and you will have a predictable trip on the beautiful Mt. Vernon Trail every single time. Plus, with the Custis and Four Mile Run trails connecting to the Mt. Vernon Trail, you can quickly bike to the airport from anywhere in Arlington. Using a Capital Bikeshare e-bike ($1 extra per trip) will speed your trip up even more.

4. It Stretches your Legs

What better way to prepare for hours of sitting through a long flight in a cramped middle seat than by stretching out your legs on a bike ride right before? You will feel rejuvenated by the fresh air and ready to handle whatever flight delays might come your way.

5. It Encourages Packing Lite

Biking to the airport forces you to pack lite. Instead of lugging suitcases to your destination, enjoy a more minimalist lifestyle by carrying all you need in just a bag or two. This makes every aspect of your travels faster, cheaper, and more convenient. Plus, it will be easier to tour your destination by bike as well. Our team recommends a large backpack or a duffel bag that you can easily sling over your shoulders on your ride. For the more ambitious, we have seen carry-on luggage strapped to the front basket!

Ride On With A CaBi Membership

Ready to hop on a CaBi to the airport for your next flight? Get a Capital Bikeshare membership today to enjoy all the benefits of bikeshare around Arlington (and beyond).

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