A Beautiful Weekend For A Bike Ride

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Check out this amazing Cherry Blossom weekend ride visualization using Strava.

Check out this video that we’ve put together showing the GPS routes of local area cyclists as they pedal their way across Arlington and the District this past weekend. Be sure to watch in HD.

This clip shows approximately 750 rides that were recorded by the general public in and around Arlington County and Washington DC between April 5th and April 7th using their smart phones or dedicated GPS bike units. Riders then uploaded their tracks to Strava.com, a website used to rides, log workouts, and compete with others. Strava makes the tracks available through an API for developers to create fun analytical tools–the tool used here is called VeloFlow. This video captures cyclist’s tracks at select segments, aggregates 3 days worth of data into one timeline, and overlays it onto a single static map. To keep things interesting, the clip here shows rides for those three days from 6am to midnight.

It’s worth noting that Strava users are generally “fitness” riders who use it to track and analyze their rides so this video clip doesn’t take into account recreation or transportation cyclists. Although more and more transportation and commuter cyclists are using Strava as a social media and daily logging tool. While there were only 750 or so rides gathered for this particular movie, Arlington County’s automatic trail counters logged many more trips–by comparison the single counter on the Custis Trail in Rosslyn recorded almost 4000 trips over the same three day period.

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