Arlington County Bicycle Wayfinding Signage for the Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor

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Find out wayfinding exists and how you can use it to your advantage as you bike and move around Arlington County.

Riding or walking along Arlington’s streets and on the trails is an excellent way to get around our community – if you already know where you’re going. But to encourage new users and help existing users find their way to new places, a system of signs was needed.

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“Wayfinding” (or directional) signs, placed at frequent intervals and at appropriate locations, help cyclists and pedestrians more easily navigate Arlington’s 100+ mile bicycle network and sidewalks. Wayfinding signs include information about where you are, what direction you’re headed and what destinations are nearby – all with distances indicated in miles.

By the end of March, the County will have installed the more than 100 wayfinding signs for the Custis Trail between Rosslyn and Ballston. By this summer, there will be an additional 200 signs covering the complete on-street bike network between Rosslyn and Ballston as well. Later this year and into the next, wayfinding signs will continue to be rolled out along all 15 miles of Arlington’s high-priority trails and within the neighborhoods that link to them.

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