Arlington is All-in for Bike/Walk to School Day!

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Schools across the country will be participating in National Bike & Walk to School Day—and you can get in on the fun by encouraging your kids to walk or bike to school. If they’re younger, you can bike or walk with them for a fun family activity or form a bike train or walking school bus with your neighbors. There are 31 Arlington Public Schools are participating in this year’s event, taking place on Wednesday, May 7. Get more information about your school program here.

Biking to school!
Biking to School!

Why Bike or Walk to school?
Biking or walking on May 7 connects students to their community and each other and helps develop social skills. It’s also a great way to get exercise, which has a ton of benefits for school-aged kids, including improved academic performance, being more alert and on-task, as well as a decreased risk of obesity. It’s also great for the whole community as students biking/walking helps decrease car trips and improves accessibility for all. It also just happens to be a lot of fun!

You will probably notice more children biking and walking on May 7, so as always, be a PAL (predictable, alert and lawful), especially in school zones. Give ‘em a smile and a wave, too!

Learn more about National Bike & Walk to School Day at and we hope to see you out there!

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