Bicycle Commuting Patterns

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Following up on a post last month, there is some interesting bicycle count data to take a look at from the automatic counter located on the Custis Trail at Bon Air Park near the intersection with the W&OD Trail.

Graph: East-West Counts Feb. 1-14 2011
Graph 1 (Click image to enlarge; yellow is eastbound, green is westbound) Graph 1 data.

Showing the first two weeks of February in the graph above, we see that ridership was low during the first couple of days due to weather (in the 30s and rainy and residual snow). Towards the middle of the graph, there is a sharp spike when temperatures reached the upper 40s, and over the last two days you can see the numbers skyrocket as with highs above 50 degrees.

Graph: Bike Count pattern, Sunday and Monday, Feb. 13-14, 2011
Graph 2 (Click image to enlarge; orange is eastbound, green is westbound) Graph 2 data is unavailable; text description is below.

Another graph of interest shows the difference in ridership times on the weekend compared to a weekday. The above chart is broken down on an hourly basis and while there seems to be steady activity throughout Sunday, the afternoon when temperatures are at their highest is clearly the most popular riding time. On Monday commuting patterns become quite clear, there is a distinct peak in the morning and then another again in the afternoon.

As more automatic counters are installed over the next couple months we’ll be able to see these types of patterns in other parts of the county as well. Stay tuned for more!

Graph 1 Data

Date Eastbound Westbound
Tue. Feb.1 12 9
Wed. Feb. 2 16 23
Thu. Feb. 3 24 23
Fri. Feb. 4 47 45
Sat. Feb. 5 9 9
Sun. Feb. 6 155 158
Mon. Feb. 7 165 166
Tue. Feb. 8 121 129
Wed. Feb. 9 127 130
Thu. Feb. 10 82 70
Fri. Feb. 11 121 125
Sat. Feb. 12 112 91
Sun. Feb. 13 239 191
Mon. Feb. 14 254 254

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