Rocket boosters, dogs, full-size beds and a whole weeks worth of groceries

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Bike Errand Challenge Results

Last month, we asked you to show us how you move! And by move, we mean move stuff by bike. And you sent us photos of bike trips to Costco, the post office, daycare and much more.

You guys showed us you can bike just about most things home— from the everyday commuter essentials to the large and unwieldly, where biking it home was actually more practical than a car. You also showed us that biking is better with furry friends and kiddos.

We told you there would be one big random winner, which there is. But these were so fun that we also picked a few others. And because we sometimes pretend we have a late night talk show, it’s now time for Superlatives!

Most Bulky!

Too large to be carried by both a Honda Accord AND a Honda Civic, Matthew moved this rain barrel/rocket booster by using his cargo bike superpowers.


Best Pet!

This had a lot of competition, but Brent and his pup Miles win because that is a dog wearing goggles. Doggles! If you need a moment of calm in your busy day, check out their video.


Best Everyday Haul!

Rocking a normal bike, a rear rack and some panniers, Grace moved her library finds as well as a weeks’ worth of groceries! Grace also wins for best caption, as she made her “downhill ride home to Rosslyn without spilling the beans". It’s so good.


Random Raffle Winner!

Last but not least, Cynthia, showing off the classic backpack cargo solution, shows us what everyday biking is all about.


Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo. The whole gallery is up on our Facebook page, so be sure to peruse. If you’re interested in biking home from your next trip to the store, check out our tips for biking with stuff.

And be sure to let us know what your favorite cargo-hauling tricks are, too!

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