BikeArlington Attends the Street Smart Fall 2012 Campaign Kickoff

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Photo: Group photo at kickoff event

Last week, BikeArlington attended the trail side kickoff of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments’ Street Smart Fall campaign.  The event was held at the intersection of the W&OD Trail and Belmont Ridge Road in Loudoun County.  Elected officials and staff from various local and regional organizations were on hand at the kickoff.

This year, the campaign urges pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to be alert, especially since with the recent change from Daylight Saving Time darkness now falls on many commuters’ evening trips. Reflective gear and lights can make a huge difference in safety.  November and December are the darkest months of the year and during these months last year there were more than 430 crashes that involved pedestrians in the Washington Metro region.

BikeArlington attended the event on bike and at the end of the speakers session, were asked to be included as part of the official photo shoot!  For more photos from the event, please visit our Facebook page.  For more information on the Street Smart programming, visit

Tim Kelley is the Marketing Manager for BikeArlington. See you (with reflective gear!) safe and sound on the trails.

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