Biking in the Summer Heat

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Biking when it’s hot can be enjoyable and fun by tweaking your route and adjusting your pace.

Many people forgo biking in the winter due to the cold, but summer biking can also be a bit unbearable. Staying cool is the secret to pedaling through the summer heat. Here are some ways to stay cool and beat the Summer heat.

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Plan Your Route

When considering your route, give yourself enough time ahead of your ride, to plan to ride at a slower pace. Look for tree-lined, shady roads to travel. A less hilly route could be ideal for you to cut down on the amount of effort it takes to pedal up or downhill.

Pack Extra Clothes

Perhaps no matter what you do, you will still arrive to your destination full of sweat. So, pack some extra clothes and personal hygiene supplies to freshen up.

Wipe Down

Speaking of freshening up, we recommend carrying a pack of wipes. Try Action Wipes or any brand of baby wipes.

Wear Loose-Fitting Clothing

Loose-fitting clothing billows in the wind and helps you to keep you cool. So, incorporate breathable fabrics or biking fabrics when it’s hotter outside.

Let Your Bike Carry the Load

Add a rear rack and panniers to your bike to prevent having to carry a heavy backpack on your back.

Find a Place to Freshen Up

Many gyms offer shower-only services. If you don’t belong to a nearby gym, add time into your commute to freshen up or shower.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water and replenish electrolytes as often as needed.

Go Multi-Modal

To avoid climbing a hill, consider putting your bike on Metro or on the bus.

Prevent Helmet Head

Wear a silk scarf or bandana to keep your hair in place, absorb perspiration, and to preserve your coiffure when you take your helmet off.

Get an E-bike

E-bikes help you to pedal and exert less effort when going uphill. You may enjoy it so much that you’ll find yourself replacing car trips by riding your electric-assisted bicycle.

We’re Here to Help

Biking when it’s hot can be enjoyable and fun by tweaking your route and adjusting your pace a bit. Most importantly, stay hydrated and keep cool during your summer ride.

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