Biking to Work and the Summer Heat

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Henry Dunbar is the Director of Operations for Active Transportation. He is a year-round bike commuter and wants to make it easy for everyone to get around by whatever mode they choose, except driving alone which should be harder.

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More riders participated in Bike to Work Day than ever. Dealing with the heat could be key to keeping the momentum through the summer.

 With a mission to get more people to bike more often, the commutes continue to be a focus for us as they represent those critical times of the day when enticing people out of their cars has the biggest impact. Which is why we are so pleased to report that Bike to Work Day 2017 registrations grew by 12% in Arlington over 2016. Our overall registrations and largest pit stop (Rosslyn) also topped the key milestones of 3,000 and 1,000 riders respectively.

What is equally encouraging is the steady growth we’ve seen across the county since we been tracking, with both the growing number of pit stops, and the increasing number of riders at each one. In the 12 years since 2006, we’ve gone from 800 riders at a single stop, to 3,056 at eight stops (six AM, and two PM). Let us know how we can help make bike commuting easier for you, or what barriers you see that still keep people from biking to working.

But once May and all the Bike Month events have concluded, the temperatures start soaring and bike commuting tends to dip. We’d like to keep those numbers high. One thing we like to remind people about are the tactics to beat the heat. Hydration, slowing your pace, and getting a basket for you bike are some of the ways to take the edge off. To learn more on how to keep cool when doing what the cool kids do, take a look at our biking in the heat tip sheet.

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