Capital Bikeshare Members Become Bike Angels

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Judd Lumberjack is a car-free resident of the Arlington Mill neighborhood. Judd loves nature, trails, the Columbia Pike, is a tireless promoter of all things bike related and teaches cycling skills with WABA. Judd is also the co-founder of the Friends of the Mt. Vernon Trail.

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By making small adjustments in their everyday trips, Capital Bikeshare members are helping the system work better for everyone. Learn more about the Bike Angels program and how you can help, too!

Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) is a popular way to get around Arlington and the Metro DC area for commuting, recreation, or running an errand. Arlington has 93 stations and bikes are constantly in use which means riders may have a hard time finding a dock to return a bike to because they are full or bikes aren’t available. To help make the system work well for everyone, Capital Bikeshare moves bikes from full stations to empty stations daily.

In August, Capital Bikeshare launched the Bike Angels program to help improve the availability of bikes and docks at stations and give CaBi riders a chance to earn points and rewards for moving bikes from crowded stations to empty ones.

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Enhancing the System

Arlington resident Leslie Gehring, participates in the program, because she has experienced the frustration that riders sometimes face when a bike or a dock is not available for use.  Leslie arrived at a full dock once in the pouring rain and had to go to three stations to find an open dock. She enjoys being a Bike Angel, “because it makes the makes the system operate more efficiently.”

Fun and Rewards for Members

Members who join the program can track their activity through the Capital Bikeshare app via a leaderboard and earn two types of rewards:

  • One 24-hour pass to share with a friend or family member.
  • Free one-week membership extensions.

Leslie took full advantage of the program when it launched and was number one on the leaderboard throughout the month of August. Although Leslie has already earned four weeks of the free membership extension, she’s received even greater rewards from being a Bike Angel it’s fun and she’s motivated by the rewards, the gaming aspect, and improving the system for other riders.

Encourages New Routines

The program has encouraged Leslie to run more errands by CaBi and has led her to explore new areas, get to know her neighborhood better, and ride on streets she doesn’t normally ride on to find stations that award points.

Because Leslie has been so active and received a free 24-hour pass to share, her husband decided to become an annual member and now rides CaBi to work on a regular basis.

Become a Member

Capital Bikeshare annual members receive free unlimited rides under 30 minutes across the metro DC area all year long and can now earn additional recognition and rewards through the Bike Angels program.


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