Clarendon Metro Station Getting a Facelift, New Bike Parking

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Originally posted on CommuterPageBlog.

Clarendon Metro artist's rendering

Arlington County and WMATA are working together to give the Clarendon Metro Station and Clarendon Central Park a much needed facelift. Check out the Arlington County project details page for information on what is slated to happen in the coming months. Construction will run from July through December. Comprehensive informational signs will be put in place along the limits of the construction fence lines once the fence is in place.

Cyclists, and those using the station for bike parking, should note that during construction the bike racks and bike storage lockers will be moved around as necessary to facilitate construction. Bikes will not be permitted within the construction zone.

The good news is that when all is said and done, there will be brand new covered bike parking at this location. If you’re familiar with the Shirlington bus station bike parking facility (pictured below), we are told that is similar to what should be expected in Clarendon!

Photo: Bike parking at Shirlington Bus Station

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