Basic Bike Skills
Jun 2 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Basic Skills Clinics are the next step for those who have recently taken a Learn to Ride class or who know how to ride a bike, but have not been on one in some time. Basic Skills Clinics focus on skills such as turning, shifting, braking gradually, and weaving and will help you develop the fundamental bike handling skills necessary to ride confidently! Our experienced Instructors will observe where you are at and will provide tailored instruction to help you progress to the next level. Participants move at their own pace and are encouraged to continue practicing these skills at home.

Have any questions? Email us at


Class Details

This class is for you if:
You have recently taken a Learn to Ride class and were riding with 2 pedals by the end of class.
You know how to ride a bike, but have not been on one in some time and need a little bit of tailored instruction to get you going again!

Class Duration: 2 hours

Bicycle and helmet provided for those who need. Please select the “Bike Rental + Registration” option at checkout.
Participants may bring their own bicycle and helmet for a discounted registration fee. Please make sure that bikes are in good working order. WABA does not provide bicycle maintenance for personal bikes.

Cost: $50.00 if you require a bicycle and helmet rental / $10.00 if you bring your own!

Registration Policy: Advance registration is required for this event. Be sure to show up for class 15 minutes before the start time.

WABA x LIME E-bike Confident City Cycling
Jun 9 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Interested in taking a LIME bike for a test ride? WABA’s E-bike Confident City Cycling class in an opportunity to practice basic bike handling skills, learn the difference between E-bikes and non-motorized “accoustic” bikes, and pick up tips for riding safely and confidently on streets and in traffic.

The first half of the class will cover important bike handling skills and hazard avoidance maneuvers necessary while riding in traffic. Participants learn skills such as the avoidance weave, quick stop, rock dodge and instant turn, and discuss considerations for sharing space with other road users.

The class ends with an on-street group ride, where participants put their newly acquired skills to the test. Have any questions? Email us at

Check out WABA’s Code of Conduct for event participants.

This class is for you if:

    You know how to ride a bike and have experience riding on trails
    You know how to ride a bike and would like to learn how to ride safely in traffic
    You have experience riding in traffic but would like to learn more about traffic law and how to navigate tricky traffic situations
    Ebikes are faster and heavier than non-motorized “accoustic” bikes. We recommend this class for those who feel confident in their ability to balance, steer, and control a non-motorized bike.


    A LIME E-bike and helmet will be provided for all participants.
    Prefer to bring your own E-bike? No problem!


Adult Learn to Ride
Jun 22 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

This Adult Learn to Ride class is for participants 18 and older. Experienced instructors from the Washington Area Bicyclist Association break the skills down step by step to get you on a bike and rolling in no time. Participants learn to start and stop, balance, glide, pedal and steer a bike and progress at their own pace.

This class is for you if:

You have never been on a bicycle before
You have not ridden a bicycle in many years
You have previously tried to learn how to ride a bicycle, but were unsuccessful

A bicycle and helmet will be provided for all class participants

You will be asked to provide your height in the registration portal so that we can reserve a properly sized bicycle for you.

Class Details

Class Duration
3 hours

FREE – WABA members and Capital Bikeshare for All (email us for a coupon)
$10.00 – Resident Registration**
$85.00 – Non-Resident Registration

*WABA partners with local jurisdictions to bring subsidized bicycle education to residents of that jurisdiction. Example – if you are a Fairfax County resident taking a class in Fairfax County your registration is just $10.00!

Registration Policy: Advance registration is required for Adult Learn to Ride classes. Registration closes at 1:00 pm the Thursday before class.


Summer Joy-Ride with BikeArlington
Jun 22 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

If you enjoy bicycling but want to build confidence to ride more places, then BikeArlington’s Summer Joy-Ride is for you: a ride that’s expressly designed for beginners, leisure riders, and cyclists who would like to become more comfortable riding on trails and roads.

On this casual, slow-paced ride, we will ride as a group on the Custis Trail, then transition to riding on neighborhood streets and bike lanes in the Ballston neighborhood. Throughout the ride, we’ll learn about riding on the street and try out some of the new Arlington bicycle infrastructure – such as two-stage turn boxes and bike boxes – and learn how to use them to ride safely and confidently with cars.

We’ll be led by Jason Horowitz, a League of American Bicyclists certified instructor since 2016. Jason has also worked as a Trail Ranger and was named the Washington Area Bicyclist Association’s 2023 Cycling Instructor of the Year.

The ride will end at the iconic Mario’s Pizza House, a locally owned Arlington institution since 1957.

At the end of the ride, all participants will receive a goodie bag filled with BikeArlington’s best safety accessories, as well as the League of American Bicyclists’s Smart Cycling Quick Guide, the quintessential manual for learning and understanding bicycling rules of the road.