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It's the time of year to reflect and appreciate all the good things that happened throughout the year, so enjoy a few of our favorite things from 2018.

2018 was a great year in Arlington for people biking—new events, the launch of electric scooters (e-scooters), and the number of places people can bike grew. We also met a lot of new people and even got to spend time with familiar faces. As we plan for 2019, we’re taking a moment to share a few of our favorite things that made us smile and ride more bikes!

New Bike Lanes and Trails

There was a three week stretch this summer when Arlington County added a new protected bike lane each week, and it felt like we could barely keep up! From Wilson Boulevard to Veitch Street to Quincy Street to Pershing Drive, we’ve really loved riding in these lanes.

This repaving season also brought us some of Arlington’s first contraflow bike lanes along both the 9th Street S and 12th Street S Bicycle Boulevards. Contraflow lanes allow people on bikes to travel in both directions while motor vehicle traffic can only go in one direction.

And to top it all off, the second phase of the Washington Boulevard Trail opened in November, and we celebrated a new car-free connection to Columbia Pike.

Electric Bikes and Scooters

First, Capital Bikeshare rolled out their sleek black pedal-assist e-bikes, Capital Bikeshare Plus, which provide a gentle boost while pedaling. Then, Arlington County launched its dockless bike and e-scooters pilot program that has given the Arlington community more new ways to travel. E-scooters are easy to maneuver and add a little bit more fun to travel short distances.

It’s been delightful to see how people are getting around Arlington in new and different ways.

Disaster Relief Trials

BikeArlington had a blast supporting partnering with the Office of Emergency Management for the Disaster Relief Trials, a simulation designed to teach people to use bikes for disaster recovery efforts. In an amazing display of the practicality and power of the humble human and bicycle combo, more than 40 people participated in the event and carried 1,250 pounds of water and 1,100 pounds of food.

More to Come in 2019

There is more fun to come in 2019, so we’ll hope you’ll join us. Learn about fun events, updates on infrastructure, and opportunities to get involved with making biking and walking better in Arlington.

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