Five of Our Favorite Bike Things from 2017

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This year was full of many fun and informative adventures for people biking and walking in Arlington County. BikeArlington staff share a few of their favorite things that happened in 2017.

There are a lot of people, groups, and organizations that work hard to make Arlington a great place to get around by bike. We’ve picked a few of our favorite bike things from 2017, in no particular order: 

From education rides with the Arlington Police Department (we all learned a lot!), adult Learn to Ride classes, and social rides, a lot of people got on bikes in 2017. 


The hardworking staff of Arlington County’s Department of Environmental Services made a host of small street and intersection improvements to make it easier to walk and bike in the County. Keep an eye on our blog for a behind-the-scenes look at the team that makes the magic happen (story coming soon).


Bike to Work Day in Arlington County keeps growing! Thanks to all our volunteers for helping us make the six pit stops across the County happen. Check out Henry’s recap of the 2017 event. Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/


BikeArlington was proud to be a part of the Host City Committee that worked hard to support Phoenix Bikes in hosting the national conference of youth leaders. If you missed the event, read HB Woodlawn sophomore’s, Samara Cathirell, keynote address about being a young woman who bikes.


Mobility Lab coordinated with BikeArlington, WalkArlington, and Arlington County on a series of research projects this year.  Some things learned from the series are:

There are many more exciting events and initiatives just like these to come in 2018. Whether you are stepping on a bike for the first time or consider yourself a savvy rider, there is something for everyone.

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