"Green" Bike Lanes in Arlington

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Originally posted on CommuterPageBlog.

County contractors have started marking the first of five new "green" bike lanes. Literally, green paint within the existing bike lanes. Check out the photos:

Photo: Green bike lane

More photos on Flickr

They’re being installed only at specific critical locations where bike lanes and drive lanes cross each other in unusual configurations, such as at "Y" intersections or at the start of some dedicated right turn lanes. The purpose of the green markings is to reinforce the presence of the bike lane in places where the street markings might not get noticed by drivers.

The coating, called "StreetBond CL" was created to hold up well to traffic wear and tear. It is also engineered to maintain the same or higher levels of friction as the asphalt itself. This is an important safety consideration for cyclists. Particularly in wet weather. New York City has been using this product (and this color) to mark bike lanes for at least a couple of years now.

The first five locations are:

  • EB Military Road at Nellie Custis split (Donaldson Run CA)
  • EB Clarendon Blvd at 15th St. split (Court House)
  • WB Wilson Blvd. at Vietch St intersection (Court House)
  • NB Lynn St. between 19th St. and EB Lee Hwy (Rosslyn)
  • WB 15th St./NB Joyce St. at Pentagon City Mall parking garage (Pentagon City)

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