Holiday Gift Guide for Bicyclists

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Check out our list of gifts for the bicycle lover in your life.

It’s that time of year when we begin looking for gifts for our friends, co-workers, and loved ones. It’s also that time of year when we get stuck trying to figure out what to give them, especially the bike lovers in our life. So, we want to make that easier on you, by providing some ideas on what to give the two-wheeled aficionado in your life.

Tune-up Gift Card

Shop small by supporting local bike shops. Many slow down considerably in the winter and offer bike tune-ups for a discounted price. Show your bike-lover that you care about their two-wheeler too by purchasing a gift card to get their bike in tip top shape.

Mobile Repair Gift Card

Is your special someone super busy? Gift the gift of a mobile bike shop. These specialized businesses take care of flat tires, broken chains and anything else that may be keeping your loved one from riding. They also provide on-site tune-ups and bike fittings. No need to visit a store, they come to you.

Cold-Weather Gear

When it comes to staying comfortable and dry, I highly recommend any clothing and accessories made of Merino wool. This incredible fabric is anti-microbial and moisture wicking so it keeps you warm in the colder months. It doesn’t absorb smells, so even when you sweat it won’t leave your clothes stinky.

Emergency Identification

Many of us are commuters. Some of us are racers. But we are all bicyclists and vulnerable to having something happen to us while out on the road. The wearable ROAD ID plus the app can be a lifesaver. Using the app allows the rider to let their loved ones know where they are riding and if anything happens someone can check their phone or ID to alert the emergency contact.

Capital Bikeshare Membership

Even though they have a beloved steed, it’s nice to have an alternative for days when they don’t want to lock their own bike. Or perhaps their bike is in the shop and they still need to get around town.  A Capital Bikeshare membership is a great backup or primary option for anyone that enjoys bicycling.

You now have a few unique ideas to give the bicycle lover in your life. Or even a gift for yourself if your friends and family don’t know what to get you. Either way, it’s a win-win! Enjoy your holiday season!

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