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What happens when your normal commute is disrupted? Well, in this area, you choose another option. For attorney Mark Flinn, that option was biking. Read his story below.

When Metro’s SafeTrack initiative hit Arlington last June, there was a huge uptick in bike traffic around the county. We had even heard that some Metro riders switch to biking and never went back.
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Meet Mark Flinn

Meet Mark Flinn, an attorney who lives in Clarendon and works in DC. He said made the switch out of necessity, but is surprised by how much he likes it. We talked to him recently about his mode switch.

mark flinnBA: Why did you start biking to Work?

MF: Because the weather was getting nice in the spring and SafeTrack was coming and I wanted to avoid that. I’d say it’s a win-win. You get exercise. You avoid traffic and you get to be outdoors.

BA: Had you ever ridden your bike to work before?

MF: Not before this spring, no.

BA: How far is your ride?

MF: It’s just about six miles, and I enjoy it. It’s a perfect distance. Actually, I’d like it if it were a little bit longer. I find myself getting to work and not wanting to get off the bike.

BA: Did you have all the equipment, or did you have to get outfitted?

MF: I got a new bike and I got the basics. Originally the idea was just to ride as necessary during the week, but it became a full-time thing pretty quickly. Over the last few months I started gathering a number of different pieces of equipment in addition to the basic helmet and the bike, of course. I got the gloves. I got a bike jacket, but I think I’m going to need to get something warmer if I keep doing it in this weather.

We’re happy to help. Check out these tips for biking in the cold.

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