Meet the Corrals

Shared mobility devices like scooters and dockless ebikes have revolutionized how many people in Arlington get around.

To help alleviate the crowding on the sidewalks and safety hazards, Arlington County has installed more than 100 bicycle and scooter parking corrals – mostly on streets – as safe places for people to park scooters and bicycles upright and out of the way of people and cars.

Riders are encouraged to park in one of the facilities, in the map below, after every shared scooter or ebike trip, when possible. These corrals are public and can be used to park your privately owned bikes and scooters, too.


1. Identify a Corral

Walk or ride to the corral. Lower the kickstand to allow the e-bike or scooter to stand up on its own.

2. Properly Adjust the Scooter

Place e-bike or scooter along the side of the corral.

3.Lock the E-bike or Scooter to the Corral

If this option is available.


If you have suggestions for more corrals locations, please submit via Arlington County’s Report a Problem portal. If selected, corral installation takes about four months.