Kids at School

Safe Routes to School

The Safe Routes to School Program is a partnership between the national program, Arlington Public Schools, Arlington Transportation Partners and several other County Organizations. Walking, bicycling or rolling to and from school can improve the health and well being of kids of all races, income levels and abilities. Plus, it’s fun!

Check out our resources below to discover benefits of walking and biking to school for kids.

Walk, Bike and Roll to School Day

Three kids riding bikes to school on a wide side path in fall.Every fall and spring, students from Arlington County join kids across the county by participating in International Walk, Bike and Roll to School Day.

Since Arlington hosted its first event, participation has continued to grow. We think every day should be Bike to School Day and we hope the resources here will help your student get rolling or walking!

For more information, check out these helpful websites:

Downloadable Resources

bike walk to school toolkit cta
CTA - StepbyStepTips-min
10 reasons to walk/bike to school cta