Fall Back, Be A PAL

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With the Daylight Saving Time change, winter days get shorter, and the nights get longer, we all still have to go about our business.  That means we’ll be walking, biking and driving in the dark more often, so it’s very important to be a PAL when you’re getting around Arlington after sunset.  Being visible is a crucial part of being Predictable, Alert, and Lawful. 

For one, you can’t be predictable if no one can see you, so if you plan to bike in the dark, you should wear reflective clothing and use bike lights.  Lights also help illuminate your path so you can stay alert while you’re riding, and lastly Virginia law requires all bikers to use front white lights and rear red reflectors when dark (these can be attached to your helmet, bag, or bike) and rear red lights are required on roads 35 mph and up.  It’s a good idea to be as visible as possible so we recommend always having rear red lights that have a flashing capability.  Visit www.CommuterPage.com/ for more information on being a visible PAL. Being a visible PAL is important when you are walking as well. Visit the WalkArlington Blog for more nighttime safety tips.

Bike lights and other reflective gear and clothing can be purchased from many local shops in Arlington:

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