What to Do if “Every Day is Bike to Work Day” for You

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If you are already a true believer in biking to work and a year-round bike commuter, we have three easy things you can do to make Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 18, extra awesome.

Bike to Work Day is a region-wide celebration of people getting to work by bike, whether it’s your first time trying it out or you’ve been doing it for 20 years.

It’s an opportunity for people to feel the sun on their cheeks and the wind in their hair as they try something new, and about growing the pie of people who want safer roads and trails for people walking and biking. I mean, it’s also about inhaling some bagels and coffee with a great mix of other bike-powered travelers before ducking into your office.

Share Your Love for Biking

If you already bike to work every day, there are three easy things you can do to soak up some extra bike joy and take your bike credentials to the next level:

1. Register

Sure, it’s no different than a normal day for you, the everyday bike commuter. But the region is counting on you, literally! Bike to Work Day registrations are tracked over time and help the Metropolitan Washington Regional Council of Governments keep track of biking demand. Think of registering like casting a vote for better biking.

2. Encourage Someone Else

Want to know how most people get into biking? They have a friend or colleague who is game to help them tackle all of their beginner questions. Send a friendly email to your office or neighborhood listserv inviting folks to Bike to Work Day and offer encouragement and advice, as needed. You can even offer to meet them and show them the route!

3. Celebrate New Riders

If we do things correctly, there will be thousands of people biking to work for the first time on Friday, May 18. They’re not going to do everything the way that you wish they would. That’s okay. That’s part of what Bike to Work Day is all about—an opportunity to try out a new thing and learn. Get excited about all of the new people who are starting their bike journeys and be a little jealous about all the bike joy they get to discover anew.

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