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Erin Potter is the Program Manager for BikeArlington. She appreciates Arlington’s low-stress street and trail network, which allows her to get places easily by bike.

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Biking’s best weather is upon us—bust out your favorite sweater and get ready to share warm beverages with friends!

Fall has gingerly arrived in Arlington, with leaves starting to change and temperatures dipping overnight. This is the best time of year to combine two of my favorite things: a casual bike ride and a perfect cup of coffee. If you’re like me, and love a good excuse to ride bikes and drink coffee, there are plenty of local opportunities.

Close up of a latte with artistic design; several bikes are locked up in the background.

Photo Credit: Flickr User TangoBiker

Coffee Clubs: Year-round

Informal coffee meet-ups have been a staple of the local #BikeDC social scene for years. If you’ve never attended one before, they operate like informal drop-ins. First-time attendees can expect to be greeted warmly welcomed to the world of early AM conversation and caffeine consumption. While many of the first established coffee clubs meet on Friday mornings, there are now options every weekday with a variety of locations. A full list of coffee clubs can be found on the Washington Area Bike Forum.

Coffeeneuring Challenge: October 13 – November 19

Described most simply, the Couffeeneuring Challenge is “a relaxed cycling endeavor for people everywhere. If you like riding a bike and enjoy drinking coffee or tea (or even hot chocolate or cider), consider this challenge.” The basic goal is to ride to seven different places to drink warm beverages within the 6-week challenge period.

Pioneered by local rider Mary Gersemalina (aka Chasing Mailboxes), the challenge is now in its seventh year. Over 300 riders from across the country and abroad participated last year, earning warm fuzzy feelings, caffeine buzzes and patches.

There are additional rules, but the basics are:

  • over the course of 6’ish weeks,
  • ride your bike 7 different places,
  • at least 2 miles round-trip each time,
  • drink 7 cups of coffee (or similar), and
  • take 7 pictures as proof of your coffeeneuring.

Plot your weekend coffee destination now, as the challenge kicks off on October 13!

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