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Bicycle Education Classes

To promote confident and fun riding, Arlington County and the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) are offering bike education classes to teach you the skills to incorporate bicycling into your daily routine--whether that's fitness, fun or transportation.

City Cycling

This is a great class for riders of all skill levels. If you're an experienced rider, there are skills to learn. If you're new, we'll help you master fundamentals.

You'll learn to deal with traffic, communicate effectively and master the transition from road to trail and back again. We'll also work on bike handling maneuvers and check out some local bike trails or bike lanes on a group ride, supported by .

Cost: Registering for the course is $10.

Learn to Ride

This is a great class for adults who never learned to ride a bicycle. We employ a special technique for teaching balance, steering, starting, stopping and pedaling. We have an 80% success rate with our friendly and encouraging staff of trained instructors. A bike and helmet rental are included in the cost.

Cost: Registering for the course is $85. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a month of free Capital Bikeshare membership (a $25 value) to help you try out your new skills.

Scholarships: There are a limited number of scholarships available for Arlington residents, which make the class cost $10. Please use this form to request one and call 202.518.0524 with any questions.

Community Rides

We'll be going on three rides--each covering a topic that urban riders use to get around the county and surrounding areas. The riders are going to be fun, for sure, but also are a great space to practice everyday riding in an urban environment with help from people who teach this stuff everyday. And we always end somewhere fun and social! So come with us to explore Arlington, practice useful riding skills and ask any bike questions you've got! 

Arlington Schedule Spring 2016

To register for a class, click the date below that you would like to attend. Registration pages are opened seasonally in the spring and fall. To be notified when classes open, email




Our classes are reserved for Arlington residents until two weeks before their date, when they are open to everyone. View the Regional WABA Course Listing here.

Everyday Biking Seminars

If you're interested in getting your colleagues or employees to start biking to work or incorporate biking into their lifestyle and make the best of Arlington's plentiful bicycle facilities, we've got just the thing for you!  We host brown bag Commuter Seminars for employers to help get employees ready and comfortable to ride their bike in Arlington.  These seminars are usually an hour long during lunch, but we can accommodate any needs, just let us know what you want.  Contact our Events & Outreach Coordinator, Erin,  to schedule a seminar!

Arlington County Police Department Classes for Children

photo: girl on bikeThe Arlington County Police Department has officers able to provide bicycle safety instruction to groups of school-aged children when requested by a community organization such as a religious institution, civic association, service club, scout troop or youth group. Contact the appropriate District office to determine when an officer would be available.

League of American Bicyclists Classes

Youth and adult bicyclists may want to check out the Smart Cycling Classes offered by the League of American Bicyclists (LAB). Certified instructors teach a variety of classes for nominal fees to ages eight and up. Courses range from riding in traffic and emergency maneuvers to tour preparation and bicycle mechanics. Learn more at the League's website.

Did You Know?

May is National Bike Month. Bicycling five miles takes 30 minutes or less, and 60% of all trips are less than five miles.

League of American Cyclists

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