Capital Bikeshare Proposed Stations in Arlington

The Map

Detail: Planned Arlington Stations mapArlington County has been hard at work bringing more Capital Bikeshare stations to the County. The Arlington Capital Bikeshare Expansion Map shows the existing and planned stations in Arlington, and is available to keep the public updated on Arlington’s system expansion. Changes to the map may occur for a variety of reasons. We will keep this map up-to-date, so check back.

We encourage location suggestions from the public. Share your thoughts about proposed locations or add new ones on the Capital Bikeshare Crowdsourcing Map.

The Process for Station Selection

The process for selecting a Capital Bikeshare station location is comprehensive and can take a couple of months to a couple of years, depending upon community support, property ownership, and whether constructing a concrete pad is needed. Arlington’s approval process includes:

  • Identifying funding for the proposed station’s capital and operating expenses.
  • Selecting a location which meets a list of siting criteria, as well as staff review and public input.
  • Developing a station plan.
  • Researching property ownership and obtaining a permit if on private property. The site could be owned by Arlington County, the State of Virginia, or a private entity. Each scenario requires a different permitting process.
  • Fabrication and delivery of bikes and stations. Equipment is typically delivered within 4 months after ordering.
  • Installation of stations and bikes.

Physical Criteria for Station Locations

Criteria for station locations include:

  • 4+ hours of direct sunlight daily;
  • at least 11’ x 42’ of space;
  • between 2 - 5 blocks (500' - 1,250') from the nearest station;
  • if on a sidewalk, minimum pedestrian clearance of 6’ is needed;
  • if on-street, preference for being adjacent or near a bike lane;
  • would not block utility access, such as a manhole cover; and
  • would not create a dangerous situation for street users.