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Arlington County 2017 Bicycle Comfort Level Map

Updated October, 2016. Bicycle Comfort Map thumbnail imageIt should be easy, intuitive, comfortable and most importantly, safe, to get around Arlington by bike for all residents from age 8 to age 88. While many people already ride their bicycles in bike lanes or on roads with motor vehicles, not everyone is comfortable doing so. This map highlights the most stress-free routes to get around Arlington. There are often alternatives to busy routes on low-volume, low-speed neighborhood streets and paths that will get you where you want to go.

To obtain a printed copy of the Bike Comfort Level Map, request one through our free online order service, stop by one of the four Arlington locations of  The Commuter Store, or call 703-228-RIDE (7433). TDD users call 711. The map is available in Portable Document Format (PDF) below. Adobe Reader is required to open PDF files.

Arlington County Bike Map

Arlington County Bike Map thumbnail imageUpdated June, 2016. Whether you are looking for a relaxing ride, commuting route to work, or just out doing errands, the user-friendly Arlington Bike Map will introduce you to the County's bicycle network of trails, bike lanes, and bike routes.

To obtain a printed copy of the Bike Map, request one through our free online order service, stop by one of the four Arlington locations of  The Commuter Store, or call 703-228-RIDE (7433). TDD users call 711. The map is available in Portable Document Format (PDF) below. Adobe Reader is required to open PDF files.

  • Arlington Bike Map (PDF, 2.5 MB) Arlington street map showing off-street trails, bike lanes and sharrows, on-street bicycle routes, Capital Bikeshare stations and more.
  • Arlington Bike Map, back (PDF, 2.7 MB) Bicycle safety and security information, sharing the road and trails information, Capital Bikeshare and Bicycle Friendly Business program information, contact information and more.

Arlington Loop Infographic Map

In Arlington, there are miles and miles of off-street trails that make getting to where you need to go by bike incredibly easy.  There are 4 trails in particular that create a sort of loop around the center of Arlington.  This "Arlington Loop" connects you to almost every amenity in Arlington you can think of. Click the thumbnail image below to enlarge.

Thumbnail image: Going places on the Arlington Loop infographic
Click thumbnail image to enlarge

Arlington's Car-Free Diet Map

Schematic map of Arlington showing bus routes, bike routes, bicycle/pedestrian trails, Metro stations, Capital Bikeshare stations, and more. PDF, 5.8 MB, Adobe Reader required. Click the link or thumbnail image below.

Arlington's Car-Free Diet Map (PDF, 3.6 MB)

Car-Free Diet Map thumbnail image

Car-Free Near Me™

Car-Free Near Me™ is a web app that provides car-free transportation options for any location in the Washington, D.C. area. The app maps and lists bus and rail stops, Capital Bikeshare stations, and Zipcar locations, and includes real-time information for bus, rail, and Capital Bikeshare. For locations in Arlington, Car-Free Near Me maps off-street trails, bike lanes, and sharrows.

Other Bike Maps & Trip Planners for Arlington and Greater Washington D.C.

#BikeDC Regional Bike Map"

MapCreated by local transportation wonk, Chris Slatt, the #BikeDC Regional Bike Map combines open GIS data on bike infrastructure from jurisdictions across the region and displays it all on one easy to read map with a consistent color scheme.  It will also generate cycling-specific directions, taking into account the presence or absence of infrastructure as well as hills.

Bike Maps from Around the Region

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Did You Know?

Arlington County has 50 miles of shared-use, off-street trails.


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