2021 Was a Great Year for CaBi in Arlington

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CaBi is convenient to more places in Arlington than ever, and there’s never been a better time to try out these shared bikes.

As an effect of the pandemic, Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) ridership and membership waned, but 2021 has been a year of growth and renewal for the red bikes in Arlington. Capital Bikeshare reported 14,941 trips in November 2021, which is back to pre-pandemic levels of riding.

Capital Bikeshare for All Ebikes

Reaching New Places with CaBi

Arlington’s network of CaBi stations saw its first major expansion in many years, adding 11 stations, reaching 104 total. We can now reach new places on the shared bikes like the western end of Columbia Pike and Falls Church. Several more stations were replaced, expanded, and upgraded. Check out all the changes.

Biking to National Airport

One of the most popular stations added in 2020 was at National Airport. With more than 2,500 trips to and from the station in its first 12 months, the DCA station is already in the top half of Arlington’s stations (50th out of 104). Not bad for being located on the edge of the County, and its popularity will surely grow as more people learn about the station and air travel begins to rebound.

Loving CaBi E-Bikes

CaBi launched its e-bike fleet in July 2020. The e-bikes not only add a boost to flatten out hills but allow for out-of-station locking with external cable locks and GPS locators. This further expands the range of the CaBi network to within a quarter mile of any station. After supply chain issues kept the supply of e-bikes low in early 2021, we now have averaged close to 600 e-bikes across the regional CaBi system. Both Arlington and DC plan to purchase additional e-bikes in 2022.

Expanding Equity with CaBi for All

Arlington’s sign ups in the deeply discounted CaBi for All memberships continues to grow, for both individuals and our six Community Partner Program organizations. For just $5 a year, with minimal usage fees, low-income resident have access to the most-affordable form of transportation since walking. With renewed partnerships with Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH) and Arlington Housing Corporation (AHC), we expect to grow this program substantially in 2022.

Planning for More Stations

Arlington’s County Board is also planning for further Capital Bikeshare expansion. The latest Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) includes projected funding for at least three stations a year for the next several years, potentially expanding the network to more than 120 stations. It also includes funding to update the CaBi Transit Development Plan to examine demographic, land use, and traffic data to ensure the network is efficient and equitable.

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CaBi is more convenient than ever, and there’s never been a better time to try out these shared bikes. Get started with a membership or a single trip today.

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