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With Superbowl 51 in the books, a new flood of commercials have been making the rounds, with quite a few featuring people riding bikes.

With Superbowl 51 in the books, a new flood of commercials have been making the rounds, with quite a few featuring people riding bikes. Sometimes the bikes are in the background, providing ambiance and setting a realistic city scene. Sometimes they appear for a quick vignette to demonstrate how much fun the characters are having. And occasionally, they take the main focus. Whatever their role, bikes and biking remain a popular staple in the advertising world. Below we’ve collected a few recent favorites from both the Quick Glance and Main-Event Categories.
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First up, for the Quick Glance category, two contenders from the Superbowl and one more:


Ford presents itself as a cars+ brand—using its spotlight time to showcase offerings beyond the personal vehicle. Includes carsharing and bikesharing, with a longshot of a bikeshare rider pedaling joyously past traffic.

Century Link

An opening split screen of two people riding bikes, one pedaling through a city and another in an open field, sets up the concept for Century Link’s commercial boasting their expanded fiber network.

Kay Jewelers

Another quick, opening shot with a gorgeous vista and two people with bikes, this time together. Which is good, because this advert is all about proposals. GUESS IF SHE DROPS THE BIKE WHEN HE ASKS.

American Express

Shaq and Wanda Sykes are shopping small with American Express by visiting their local bike shop to pick up a bicycle built for two. Definitely captures the joy of riding with friends!

Samsung Galaxy S7

Rocking some solid nostalgia vibes, Samsung integrates their product seamlessly into the delightful day of a group of neighborhood friends who travel their community by bike.

Kellogg’s Raisin Bran

This one is a family affair, with father and daughter getting ready for a recreational bike ride. The kiddo gets a few jabs in on her dad and his lycra lifestyle, but biking here is presented as a wholesome and healthy activity for all.


On the more extreme sport-end comes this ad from Subaru, featuring shots of a professional mountain biker shredding dirt on his bike interspersed with shots of similar moves on gravel in his Subaru. It’s all very dramatic, and definitely meant to align the brand with the adventure-seeking side of biking by showcasing stunts none of us could do on either form of transportation.

Got any recent favorites that we missed? Let us know!

Just looking for more bikes in advertising? My colleague Tim Kelley did our first Bikes in Mainstream Advertising Commercial Roundup in 2013 and People for Bikes covered bikes in the Superbowl ads in more detail.

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