Bike Trains

A Bike Train is a student-led group that rides their bikes together to school, accompanied by adults.
Empower students to bike together. BikeArlington has created the Bike Train Starter Program to help you and your student(s) start a bike train to and from school. Bike Trains are meant to help students get to school in a safer more organized manner, accompanied by adults, while addressing community and environmental needs. ​

Benefits of Biking Together

  • It’s safer than biking alone​
  • Saves time​
  • Fosters independence​
  • Increases alertness in school​
  • Reduces environmental harm​
  • and so much more!
  • What does the Starter Program include?​

  • We create a specialized safe route​ for you.
  • We coordinate interested parents and students​ in your area.
  • We provide expertise in bike maintenance.
  • We will lead the first three rides​ to get your Bike Train started.
  • Getting Started is Easy

    Fill out the interest form in the link below to let us know more about your needs. We will reach out to you with more information about how to get started with the Bike Train Starter program.

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