Ever Thought About Bike Commuting? Now’s the Time!

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Got excuses? We've got the answers to get you rolling on two wheels!

If you’ve ever thought about bike commuting, now is the time to do it. With the entire National Capital region looking at a year’s worth of commuting headaches due to WMATA’s SafeTrack initiative, you will never have more incentive to explore this mode of active transportation. Take advantage of Bike to Work Day (it’s the most supported bike commute you’ll ever have), and check out our website for more bike commuting tips.

Sunrise Bike Bridge

BikeArlington can connect you to a vast array of resources to address virtually every challenge you could face. They are only a click away.

Need a bike? Try the local bike shop.

Don’t want the burden of owning a bike? Try sharing.

Need to get your bike repaired? Again, Local Bike Shops.

Need a route? We’ve got maps, but Google’s not bad either.

Need to get better at riding? We sponsor classes.

Need a place to lock your bike? We’ve got a crowd-sourced map of every bike rack in the region. (And if we missed one, please post it.)

Need a guide? Commuter Convoys are forming with experienced ride leaders.

Have a question these links won’t answer? Try posting it to the Washington Area Bike Forum (that we maintain)!

Still don’t have the answer? Contact us at info@BikeArlington.com.

If bike commuting works for you, and we’re confident it can, then we’ll see you on the road, smiling.

Do you have a great commuting story? We want to hear from you. Email info@bikearlington.com.

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