It’s Happening! Arlington County is Updating their Bike Plan

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Arlington County is currently updating the Bicycle Element of its Master Transportation Plan, and you’re invited to offer feedback.

Since the Master Transportation Plan’s adoption in 2008, changes in technologies, facilities, and best practices have warranted an update. Working to ensure best practices for creating walkable and bikeable environments (i.e., protected bike lanes and wider trails) will be key in future innovations.

If you’re someone who currently bikes, wished you could, or personally don’t care for the two wheels, but like to share the roads with those who do, Arlington County wants to hear from you!

To make it easy (like, really easy) for you provide feedback on Arlington’s Bike Plan Update, we rounded up the best ways to get involved.

1. Get on the List

County staff have coordinated with community members (a.k.a. awesome citizens) to form the “Working Group,” where input from the public is provided on draft policies. Meetings are typically held monthly and deliver all the great stuff. Sign up to receive these updates by email.

2. Swing by a Meet and Greet

Don’t miss County staff and Working Group members out and about in the community! Throughout this month and mid-September, you’ll have the opportunity to offer feedback—via a survey from the group— and learn more about the Bike Plan Update process. They’ll have the answers on all your questions about the why and how of overarching policies and what types of projects are gaining focus. Visit any of the these events to participate:

  • August 18, 19, 20: Arlington County Fair
  • August 22: Arlington Transportation Partners’ Our Shared Street Pop-Up Event
  • August 26: Arlington Police, Fire and Sheriff Block Party
  • August 30: Clarendon Metro and Farmers Market
  • September 13: Lee Harrison Shopping Center
  • September 15: Parking Day near Arlington County Courthouse
  • September 16: Nauck Community Day

3. Cruise the Project Page

I know. It’s Project Pages—not quite as interactive as the Working Group meeting or community pop-ups—but, that’s where the good stuff is. And, it changes as the project progresses! For instance, currently, the draft policy section is live for your perusal. Soon, they’ll have a survey posted. Plus, you can always email comments about how to make biking in Arlington better for folks of all ages and abilities. Get browsing today!

But, why participate?

With your help, Arlington County will explore ways to improve:

  • safety
  • transportation choices
  • mobility
  • access
  • livability
  • comfort for all ages and abilities

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