Make Your Bike Commute Easier with these 5 Bike Apps

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With so many bike apps to choose from, we want to share our Top 5!

What did we do before apps? How did we know how many steps we walked or miles we biked prior to the smartphone and apps? We now have millions of apps at our fingertips to make everything in our lives easier from meditation to cooking to biking. With so many to choose from, we want to share our Top 5!

Google Maps

You have probably used Google Maps when driving, but have you noticed that they have a walking, transit and biking option as well? Now you can use it to plan your customized bike trip. Use it to see the elevation of the three suggested routes and choose the one that is most comfortable for you. You can also alter the suggested routes if you know a road nearby has a bike lane or has slower moving traffic than one Google chooses. Share the route with others and just like when driving, listen to turn by turn directions on your speakers.

Road ID

Road ID is best known for their ID bracelets which are used to notify your emergency contact if something happens to you. And now they have an app which can be used to let your loved ones know where you are riding. The app also allows you to create a lock screen on your phone with your contact’s information and any allergies you may have in case the paramedics need to know. Now you and your family have peace of mind when you go out for a ride.

Rack Spotter

Ever ride your bicycle to a location, only to realize the destination doesn’t have bike parking? With Rack Spotter, you can find out where the closest bike parking is. This is not technically an app but you can use it on your phone to access the Rack Spotter webpage. You can also add bike racks and parking to the map if they aren’t listed since this is a crowd-sourced page.


Once upon a time, people walked and biked without knowing in real-time how far or how fast they were going. It was a simpler time. But now we almost can’t imagine doing any activity without having our activity monitor tell us how far or fast we have biked. Two of the most popular devices are FitBit and Garmin which both have great apps that track your mileage, distance, heart rate, and calories while you bike. They both connect with Strava, the very popular bike/run app, so you can monitor your activity in two places.

Capital Bikeshare

Sometimes you may drive or metro to work and realize you have an off-site meeting in the middle of the day and it’s close enough to bike there… if you had your bike! Then you remember there is a Capital Bikeshare station nearby so your problem is solved! With the Capital Bikeshare app you can easily find stations, unlock a bike, and see a real-time bike and dock availability.

Go for a Ride!

Take the guesswork out of trip and route planning by using one of our Top 5 apps on an upcoming ride. You are always welcome to join us on any of our rides. Register for one of our rides or events below.

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