Planning Your Bike Trip Around Nation’s Capital is About to Get Even Easier

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Originally published on CommuterPageBlog

Photo: Open Plans Bikesourcing Day

Do you want to know which bike routes through the city are the most simple, have the best surface, have the fewest hills to climb, and are the safest?

These are among the final touches being added to an online DC bicycle trip planner crowdsourced by a group of bike and open-source data hackers. They met recently in the Arlington, Virginia offices of The Mobility Lab.

Open Plans in an open-source software non-profit organization that built an online trip planner in anticipation of New York City’s soon-to-be-launched bikeshare system. Its website allows anyone to drop starting and ending pins on a map in order to find the best route, based on whatever preferences a rider might have (time of day, hilliness, etc.).

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