Three Healthy Benefits of Running Errands on Your Bike

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Biking more than once a week has many health benefits and can save you time and money. Learn more about the benefits and how to add more rides to your week.

If you live in a city, biking saves time and money. Using a bike as transportation around town also helps your well being even more than taking it out once a week for a workout session. If you want to get serious about biking, you have a couple of options which are bike to work or school, run errands on your bicycle, or do both.

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Here are three amazing health benefits you can achieve by commuting or simply running a few errands by bike:

1. Helps You Lose Weight

According to, biking regularly helps with weight loss. Biking once a week for a workout helps you stay in shape, but to actually drop some pounds, it will take more than one ride a week. A good place to start is to use your bike to get to work in the morning and home in the evening. If the options to commute by bike are limited, start running small errands, like going shopping or to the bank. After a few weeks, you will start seeing the changes.

2. Lowers Risk of Disease

If you stay fit and lose weight, you will also be less prone to disease. Studies show that regular cycling reduces the risk of developing cancer and heart disease.This activity is so good for your heart that it sustains and improves the strength of your cardiovascular system and lowers stress, which has a positive impact on your heart’s health. As if the health benefits alone weren’t enough of a reason to bike regularly, it can also lead to a person being as fit as someone 10 years younger than them.

3. Strengthens Joints and Muscles

Among the many compelling reasons to stop driving and use two wheels instead, the improvement in musculoskeletal health is one to take into consideration for sure. Riding is a form of physical exercise that manages to hit all the major muscle groups in the human body. In addition to that, it offers a great boost in joint strength and overall limb flexibility.

Thus, biking more will be beneficial to anyone, but especially, to students that must sit in class for hours on end or people who work office jobs five days a week. If your occupation doesn’t offer the mobility your body needs to thrive, cycling to school or work is a great alternative.

Pedaling for a Long and Healthy Life

We live in a fast-paced world. While this has many implications, it is also the reason many people prefer to use their bikes to get around.  Pedaling more is not only a more effective and greener mode of transportation, it also works wonders for your health.

All of these are essential for anyone who wants to lead a long and happy life. Take on the city streets by biking to work, the grocery store, or anywhere else you need to be in that moment. Your body will thank you later.

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