Welcome BikeArlington’s New Program Manger!

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Raymond Duran is the BikeArlington Program Manager. He is passionate about making cycling inclusive and accessible. He believes any day on a bike is a good day.

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Meet BikeArlington's new Program Manager, Raymond Duran.

Hello Arlington! I am Raymond Duran, the new BikeArlington Program Manager. Some may recognize me from my time at Phoenix Bikes, where I helped students through the Earn-A-Bike program. Phoenix Bikes is where I started my journey as a person who rides and fixes bikes. I learned everything I knew about bikes there, besides learning how to ride.

Bikes as Tools for Everyday Life

Teaching students how to fix bikes pushed me to start using the bike as a tool for everything in my life. I showed students how fixing a bike can help you through different aspects of your life.

First, you learn patience and problem solving. There are many times in life, and in fixing a bike, where you can identify the issue but your solution just isn’t working out. You must use patience and problem-solving skills to come up with a different solution.

Second, I started commuting to work by bike, showing students that a bicycle is a viable transportation tool. This allowed me to give them real advice about commuting by bicycle and navigating the streets.

Celebrating Bike Commuting

Commuting to work by bike should really be celebrated and encouraged more often. I see my commute as a time to decompress from the day, a time to plan the day, a time to vent, or a time to brainstorm ideas. My commute gives me time to relax and to re-energize. Don’t get me wrong, I still drag my feet to get out the door, think of excuses to not ride, and go in and out of the house three times before leaving, but all of that disappears once I start spinning the pedals.

During my free time I love riding the Arlington Loop. The Arlington Loop is created by connecting multiple local trails, making it a beautiful ride around Arlington all on trails. If the whole loop is too long, break it and try it in sections. Ride the Arlington Loop!

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