5 Easy Ways to Keep Winter Bike Rides Quite Enjoyable

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You should bike in the winter. It’s easy, enjoyable, and there are plenty of ways to stay warm along the trails during these last few days of winter.

Winter weather is almost here. So before you hit the trails, remember these cold weather biking tips to keep you warm and prepared.

1. Plan Ahead

The most important advice for riding your bike in the winter is to check the weather forecast ahead of time! Arlington doesn’t typically see a lot of snow, but there is still a chance we will get snow and ice late in the season. Remember, don’t ride if conditions are poor (heavy snow and ice), but don’t be afraid to ride if the bike paths and roads are clear.

2. Layer It

Layering clothes is the key to comfort! Start with a base layer that wicks sweat, then a medium-weight layer (such as a light fleece) and finish off with a windproof jacket. A light windbreaker is good for temps near 40 degrees, but a heavier jacket can be used for temps around freezing and below.

3. Protect the Extremities

Your hands, feet, and head get colder more quickly than your core so make sure to always wear gloves, thick socks (such as wool), as well as a hat that fits under your helmet.

4. Be Flashy

Because the days are shorter in the winter (and sometimes duller), it’s important to be visible. Consider wearing bright clothing or adding reflective strips and always have lights on your bike (white for the front and red for the rear).

5. Tread Lightly

If you encounter snow or ice, don’t panic! Sudden braking or swerving can cause you to slide. Be light on your pedal strokes, delicate on the brakes, and ride in a straight line if possible. You can always dismount and walk the bike if it looks too dangerous.

Stay in Touch

Whether it is your first time biking this winter or you bike everyday, keeping your rides enjoyable (and warm) makes for a really fun adventure. Now that you have the basic tips for winter biking, stay in touch with us to find about all-season bike fun.

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