Winter Biking: It’s Not as Cold and Frozen as You May Think

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You can still ride two-thirds of winter, even if you skip every day with snow, ice, or freezing temperatures.

I started biking through the winter after a friend laid my biggest winter-related bike fears to rest. While fretting about where to lock my bike for it’s winter hibernation, I told her that biking in the snow seems terrible and that I would freeze!

Perhaps these concerns are familiar to you? Well, according to my friend, “ It’s fine.  All you have to do is skip every day when there’s snow or it’s below freezing. You’ll still be able to ride most of the winter.”

I didn’t quite believe her, so I started playing with data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to learn about Arlington’s cold weather patterns from the last five years, and what she said turns out to be true.

How Much Snow Does Arlington Get on the Ground?

A small amount. From December to March, Arlington has had 10 days, on average, with snow on the ground.

How Often Does Arlington Get Below Freezing Temperatures?

Not as often as you are probably thinking. Arlington has had 70 days, on average, with below freezing temperatures between December and March.

So What Does This Mean For You

There are still plenty of days to ride your bike in the winter! In fact, grab your bike and warm weather gear, and ride with us on Winter Bike to Work Day (WBTWD),  February 14. 

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