Be a PAL! Help us make Arlington More Bike and Walk Friendly

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After a few quiet years of postponing in-person events due to the pandemic, BikeArlington is back in the community and eager to engage! As we ramp up our presence in Arlington, our PAL volunteers are coming back, too. We are proud to announce we are jumpstarting our volunteer program as we return to a more “normal” work rhythm.

Our PAL ambassadors play a huge role in our mission to get more people driving less and biking and walking more. PALs have also helped us share the narrative for safe and comfortable streets for everyone.

Volunteer Program Description

Help BikeArlington and WalkArlington make a bigger impact and reach more people in Arlington! Our volunteer program is designed to showcase what you do best: spreading the word about biking and walking. We’ll offer fun opportunities to join rides and walks, engage with the public, and let us know when you’re doing something cool.

Why Volunteer with Us?

You’ll help make Arlington a better place to bike and walk for everyone. As a PAL volunteer, you will:

  • Have opportunities to get outside and participate in more bike rides and walks.
  • Grow your knowledge about active transportation and Arlington’s vision through various learning opportunities.
  • Meet and network with fellow bike and walk experts.
  • Receive special volunteer swag.
  • Use your personal and professional skills to help us get more people walking and biking in Arlington.
  • Who can/should apply

    If you love riding your bike or walking, are good with people, and are knowledgeable about the Arlington community, we’d love to have you as a volunteer! We welcome all perspectives, whether you’re 18 or 80, new to Arlington, or a long-time resident.

    Volunteer Opportunities and Duties

    We have volunteer opportunities on weekends and weekdays. They include:

  • Event Outreach (e.g., tabling at local events)
  • Bike Ride Marshal (e.g., assisting with bike rides)
  • Walk Marshal (e.g., assisting with social walks or walking tours)
  • Engaging the Community (e.g., be an ambassador, bring someone new to public meetings, help maintain BikeArlington trail signs, hand out BikeArlington lights to people on the trail)
  • Data collection (e.g., perform a survey at crosswalks (clipboard challenge), report a problem with the county (scooters, vehicles blocking bike lanes)
  • Trail/Sidewalk Clean Up (help us keep Arlington clean)
  • Continually expanding opportunities (share your ideas!)
  • Expectations

    We have a few basic expectations of our volunteers. We expect them to be able to spread the word confidently about our programs and resources, describe what it’s like to bike and walk in Arlington, and be positive! We have a short orientation to get you up to speed, and a staff member will always be with you at an event if you get stuck.


    Sign up to be a volunteer, and at that time you’ll tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re interested in doing with us. We’ll follow up with how to get started! We would like to welcome current and new PALS with an introductory happy hour and continue to meet throughout the year. Please sign up to receive all the details on future PAL meetings. Questions? Reach out to us at

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