The Case for E-bikes

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An e-bike is an active mode of transportation that enables you to accomplish more on your bike.

I still remember the day I fell in love with an e-bike at a shop in Arlington. I’d dropped in to get something checked on my aging road bike and noticed an e-bike for sale that was a great color and just my size.

I took it for a test ride. Everything about that bike felt wonderful: The dimensions were perfect for me, and the ride was smooth. Even though I wasn’t bike-shopping, I seriously considered buying it on the spot, but the $3,500 price tag gave me pause.

A few months later, I decided to buy a much less expensive standard commuter bike instead. It never felt as fun or comfortable. I ended up purchasing a kit to convert the standard bike to an e-bike. I should have gotten an e-bike in the first place.

The Case for E-bikes

Since the day I passed on the e-bike at the shop, I’ve learned more about them. First, I’ve learned that you don’t need to spend $3,500 to get a good one. There are lots of quality, entry-level models out there for $1,500. That’s still not affordable for many people, but it’s within reach.

An e-bike is a great tool for commuting and running errands. If you are used to riding your standard bike primarily for leisure and exercise, consider adding an e-bike to your life as the bike you ride when you need to get things done.

There are many trips you can take on an e-bike that you’d be less likely to take on a standard bike. If you equip your e-bike with panniers, a rack, or a basket, you can carry a load of groceries or your work bag, a change of clothes, and a laptop. If you add a child seat, you can take a passenger or two!

Finding the E-Bike That Fits Your Lifestyle

There are many kinds of e-bikes, and it can be a bit intimidating if you want to find the right bike for you—part of the reason I retreated and bought a standard bike when I thought an e-bike was too expensive for me. I didn’t have time to do research.

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