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The Bike Element of the Master Transportation Plan is in the final stages of being updated. Master Plan elements are updated infrequently, so we recommend taking some time to review the draft plan and provide feedback via an online survey or at an open house.

County staff and members of a citizen working group have been hard at work for the past year and a half to update the Bicycle Element of Arlington County’s Master Transportation Plan. They’ve been a busy group, meeting monthly to discuss edits and make revisions, reviewing bike plans from peer cities, meeting with a variety of committees and commissions, and hosting open houses and pop-up events to receive feedback. The product of that work is a draft plan which is available for review online now.

The Master Transportation Plan and its supporting elements, like the Bicycle Element, help guide Arlington County staff in making decisions. Whether you only ride on trails or commute by bike every day, riders of all types should take some time to peruse the plan and give feedback. The last plan guided bike-based development in Arlington for ten years!

What to Look for in the Draft Plan

While the current Bicycle Element from 2008 has many policies that remain relevant, there have been updates to best practices, available technologies, and facilities that warranted an update. Staff and the working group have incorporated those ideas into an Arlington context that connects well with Arlington’s broader transportation goals.

Does the network map get you where you want to go?

As the plan notes, the “primary focus of the Bicycle Element is the completion of a comprehensive network of multi-use trails, bicycle lanes, and protected or buffered on street facilities to create a safer and more comfortable bicycling experience for persons of all ages and abilities.” As such, the network map is a great addition the Bicycle Element. Think about where you live or work, and then think about the places you most often travel. Does this network help you get to the grocery store? Your work? Does it address places that you currently find difficult to ride?

Which of the Bicycle Element goals is most important to you?

The Draft Plan presents six goals that guide the supporting policies and implementation actions that make up the bulk of the plan. Goals support the idea of creating places to bike where people of all ages and abilities feel comfortable riding, developing a network of easy-to-follow and low-stress routes, and establishing a system to maintain and manage those facilities, among others. For extra credit, pick your top two and review the related policies and implementation actions. Does the blueprint laid out make sense? Is there an idea you think might help?

What’s Next?

County staff is currently seeking input on the draft proposal from the broader community which means folks like you. There are several opportunities to provide your feedback, including an online survey (deadline to complete is January 22) or by attending two open houses on January 14 and January 22.

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