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Shake up your spring routine by going on a group bike ride.

Riding a bike by yourself, wind in your hair, smile on your face is a great thing. And doing it with other people can be downright delightful. If you’re unable to convince any of your friends to join you, perhaps a group ride can fill that void. (And help you meet more bike-y friends.) Luckily, Arlington and the greater region have an abundance of organized rides to fit every kind of rider.

Choose Your Ride Style

Find a sentiment that resonates with you, pump up those tires, and go for a ride.

If I’m being honest, I mainly bike for snacks and exploration:

I enjoy being in adorable parades/have kids/dig, short slow rides:

I have the need for speed. And fitness. And stretchy pants:

I like all those things but am into biking within specific demographics:

I like splashy, fun, well-organized, one day events:

I enjoy biking only when another person is attached to my bike:

I like to test my endurance by riding long distances, but in a somewhat casual and organized fashion:

  • DC Randonneurs – Sponsors endurance bicycling events in the greater Washington, D.C. area.

I am over all the awesome riding in the immediate area/don’t live in the immediate area:

That’s not enough options. I need more:


  • Judith A Barker says:

    are there bike trails that a recumbent biker can ride near George Mason U.

    • Erin Potter says:

      Hi Judith– Arlington has a lot of great bike trails, and GMU is pretty close to two of them. If you head east along Fairfax Drive, you can get to the Bluemont Junction Trail, which will take you to the W&OD (link to directions). There is one big-ish hill to contend with on your return trip, but it’s not so long. The second trail you can reach is the Custis Trail, if you head north GMU (link to directions). It has hills in either direction, which some recumbent riders have trouble with. Happy riding and feel free to reach out with more questions! -Erin


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