Tackling the Top 5 Barriers to Biking

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Biking can be an easy, convenient, and a joyful way to get around. Learn how to skip the sweat, stress, and more as BikeArlington busts some common bike myths.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve taken a bike ride, don’t let some common misconceptions keep you from the simple joy and convenience of using a bike to get around!

Myth 1

Biking requires too much gear.

The Truth: You don’t need a lot of snazzy gear to get started riding. All you need is a bike, yourself, and a good lock. And with Capital Bikeshare, you don’t even need your own bike.

Myth 2

You have to be in really good shape to bike.

The Truth: Almost anyone can ride a bike, and it’s often recommended for people trying to get in shape as an easy, low impact exercise routine.

Myth 3

Biking means being sweaty and wearing exercise clothes.

Riding slowly and casually keeps exertion low, while still giving you that natural breeze. Dressing in layers also makes it easy to make a change to help you be more comfortable.

Myth 4

Biking on the roads is too stressful.

The Truth: With Arlington’s network of off-street trails and low-stress neighborhood streets, there are plenty of beginner-friendly routes. Also, being predictable, alert, and lawful (remember: Be a PAL) will help you improve your safety on the road.

Myth 5

It’s too far or takes too long.

The Truth: For shorter distances (between 1-4 miles), biking is usually much faster than driving when you consider traffic and the time it takes to find a parking spot. And if your destination is farther away, you can always combine your ride with other modes of transportation, like biking to the Metro station or putting your bike on the bus.

If you’re ready to move beyond the myths and try out a bike ride, we recommend that you join us for a community ride, learn to ride classes, and more. There are rides and classes for people of all ages and abilities.


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